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Protect your most valuable possessions

Whether you're a homeowner who wants to keep your valuable antique jewelry safe from harm or a business owner who needs a safe place to store cash or more, safes and vaults from Beck's Locks Inc. will provide the protection you need.


Need a new safe or vault installed quickly and reliably? Call on our experienced team. Have a safe or vault that needs service or repairs? Get in touch for the personalized help you're looking for. You'll always get top quality safes and fast, reliable, trustworthy service.

Personalized safe services

If you have special needs for your belongings' protection, let us know. You'll receive personalized recommendations to ensure that you get the best safe or vault for you.

Safes and vaults can help keep all your most cherished belongings and valuables safe. Ask about safe

services today!


Safe and vault services you need

•  Combination changes, security bars

•  Door hardware, repairs

•  Replacements, delivery

•  Installations and more

The locksmith team you can trust

Get the locksmith services you need from the team you can rely on. As a locally owned, husband and wife team with over 17 years' experience, your satisfaction will always be our top priority.

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